Price Guide

Price Guide

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment simply call 01942 671400.

Prices include VAT and are subject to change.

*There may be an additional charge for long or thick hair of between £5.00 and £10.00.


Ladies’ Cut & Design43.0046.0049.00
Blow Dry (Short Hair)21.0024.0027.00
Blow Dry27.0030.0033.00
Curly Blow Dry34.0037.0040.00
Hair-up / Party / ghd Curls (from)40.0040.00
Gent’s Cut & Design28.0031.0034.00
Girls’ Cut & Design (10 to 15 years)33.0036.0039.00
Boys’ Cut & Design (10 to 15 years)23.0026.0029.00


Permanent Colour (Full Head)48.00
Permanent Colour (Full Head) (Long/Thick)59.00
Permanent Colour (Regrowth)43.00
Semi-Permanent Gloss Colour (Full Head)47.00
Semi-Permanent Gloss Colour (Full Head) (Long/Thick)58.00
Balayage and ColourPlease call the salon
Foil Highlights and ColourPlease call the salon
Foil Highlights (Full Head) inc toner86.00
Foil Highlights (Full Head) (Long/Thick) inc toner97.00
Foil Highlights (Half Head) inc toner76.00
Foil Highlights (at the parting) inc toner59.00
Colour CorrectionPlease call the salon
Keratin Kerastraight/Fabriq Smoothing Treatment210.00
Keratin Kerastraight/Fabriq Smoothing Treatment (Long/Thick)
(Includes take home Shampoo and Conditioner worth £40.00)
Please call the salon
Keratin Kerastraight/Fabriq Smoothing Treatment (Short Hair)
(Includes take home Shampoo and Conditioner worth £40.00)

*Technical prices do not include a Cut or Finish.


Cancellation Policy

Please note all cancellations must be received at least 48 hours before an appointment otherwise we will have to make a charge for these appointments in accordance with our terms and conditions of business. These are set out below.

Missed appointments or late cancellations have a significant financial and disruptive impact on our business.

We understand that there are times where this can not be avoided if for instance ‘you are called into work at short notice’ or there is a medical reason.

However, as this is our job and our livelihoods we will have to charge for these appointments.

When the salon reserves an appointment for a client no other client will be booked into this appointment. This means the stylists time is therefore ‘sold’. Late cancellations or missed appointments usually mean this appointment cannot be offered at short notice to anyone else. Some of our complex colour treatments can take almost a half a day of a stylists time.

This will put us in line with other industry sectors like hotels and travel, children’s nurseries, cinema’s, physiotherapists, dentists etc.

Most businesses in the hospitality industry/sector that reserve their time or space such as hotels, restaurants etc will require a prepayment or a card ‘swipe’ at the time of booking to cover any losses.

We do not implement an advance reservation payment system but choose to rely and trust our clients but this leaves us financially vulnerable.

With the constant increase in business costs we are unable to ignore the losses missed appointments or late cancellations cause and therefore in future the salon will need to charge clients for these appointments. For our business this is now essential.


  • Clients cancelling within 48 hours before an appointment will be charged and be expected to pay 50% of the cost of the appointment.
  • Clients cancelling within 24 hours of an appointment will be charged and be expected to pay for the full appointment.
  • Clients failing to attend an appointment will be charged and be expected pay the full cost of the appointment.
  • Clients who miss an allergy test that has been pre booked which results in us being unable to schedule another test at least 48 hours before the booked/reserved hair colour service will be charged and be expected to pay 50% of the cost of the appointment. This is because we will have to cancel that colour service.

The only exception we can make for this will be in the case of bereavement.

These cancellations charges are entirely in line with similar hospitality businesses in the hospitality and service sector.

Please note:

We will always do our best to try and resell any cancelled appointment or if this is not possible then we will try and sell ‘part’ of the appointment. Where this is possible we will only require payment for the difference so the business can recoup its loss. It is obviously not our intention to be paid twice for any cancelled appointment.

If you have any problems with this or would like to confirm your appointment please telephone us on 01942 671400 or you can email us at

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,
Tony Slotwiner