What better way to welcome the approaching holiday season in 2024;

….than with what is probably known as the most iconic hairstyle… the bob?! Or “Pob” or lob. Whatever three letters you use, it’s known as the most iconic hairstyle, only this time it’s an option for all, not just those with straight hair.

A sign of rebellion made popular by the movie stars of the 20s. The cut to the jaw, chic hairstyle has had a long history of shaking up the status quo. And, if we’re completely honest, the bob goes back even further than the flapper era, try ancient Egypt – that’s if we can count any artistic portrayal of Cleopatra to be true, even if it is Elizabeth Hurley’s braided wig.

Often a pop-culture sensation (we did mention the “Pob”, didn’t we?), never before has a haircut been adorned by those in film, fashion and…politics. But up until now it’s been somewhat exclusive. Only those with straight hair could manage to pull off the short sharp chin-grazing crop.

Its a fact that bobs never go out of fashion but have often been reserved for clients with straight hair types, especially jaw-length bobs.

The reason being that frizzy or coarse hair textures grow in width the shorter you cut them therefore the number one solution to control this is by offering our clients KeraStraight/Fabriq Ultimate Treatment to make their new short bob smoother, more manageable and completely frizz-free.

Even the most challenging hair types can have the latest styles.

Endless opportunities, to suit endless hair types, to dispel endless short hair worries. You could team your bob with a fringe, tousle it for texture and a care-free look, go soft and bouncy, you could even go slicked back. There are options, still including short, sharp and straight.

To compliment and smooth out those precision cuts you just can’t beat the KeraStraight/Fabriq Ultimate Oil.

The options just keep coming in. What about the long bob – sorry, we’re sticking to three letters here aren’t we, lob – for something that will flatter all hair types and face shapes?

We still find that the mid length bob very prevalent. I love this length and styling of the hair because of its versatility.

Whether it’s straight, curly or beach waves, we can use a range of  products and techniques that help the hair’s condition and integrity.”

So, are you ready to join the top of the crops in Summer 2024?

What will it be bob, Pob or lob?

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