In case you didn’t know Spring is here and Summer is not far away.

Many of us are in the market for a brand-new cut or colour service; a chance for our hair to feel revamped and given a new lease of bouncing life.

Naturally, many of you are just desperate to say goodbye roots and split ends….. but for others, the holiday season marks a significant moment and they’ll be going for an entirely new look altogether to match.

And what better way to welcome the warmer months than discussing your new requirements with our experienced hair designers.

Talk to us in 2024…….we will listen and work with you…

Jazz Senior Stylist Gabriela Zvonaric says;

Colour options are more bold, diverse and vibrant than ever before.

This season red hues are set to soar in popularity. The reason is because ‘it looks rich and expensive,’

Gabriela explains. Following the last few cold and wet months and the feeling of being deprived of life’s little luxuries, people will now be looking for ways to inject a bit of fun and sparkle back into their lives, and red hair is a great way to do just that.



However whatever ever tone or colour you chose most of todays ‘celebrity’ colour looks will require the hair  to go through some form of bleaching process. This, can be extremely challenging for your hair. Without the proper advice and care prior, during and after colour, your hair could be left damaged and looking and feeling dry and coarse. Not what you want when you’re trying to achieve that bold or chic look!

Jazz Salon Designer Danielle Morris says;

Whether you decide to express your inner rebel with UltraViolet, or just want a stunning shade of blonde, or a beautiful balayage or babylights, it always worth chatting with your stylist first to ensure your hair is in prime condition before embarking on the colour service.

But don’t despair, there is plenty that can be done to ensure hair stays in great condition while you enjoy your new look


Bleach is potentially the most harmful chemical process you will ever put your hair through. Bleaching works by raising the hairs outer cuticle so that the bleaching agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, can penetrate inside the hair. Too much bleaching and the cuticle outer scales can be left permanently raised, resulting in hair that looks and feels coarse. The raised cuticle layer also means moisture literally leaks out of the hair shaft, leading to dehydration and extreme dullness.

Even if you opt for a colour service that doesn’t involve bleaching, the potential for damage is there. Like bleach, permanent and semi-permanent colour need to penetrate the cuticle in order to sit inside the hair structure. Most colour products achieve this using oxidising agents such as ammonia which lifts the cuticle scales to let the colour pigments into the hair shaft. But, of course, this can also lead to hair that is no longer sleek and smooth, and, like bleaching, allows moisture to leak from the hair shaft.


Before you have any kind of colour treatment, it’s best to ensure your hair is in the best possible condition. Although our Kerastraight/Fabriq  Keratin Ultimate Smoothing Treatment is well known for straightening and smoothing, it is also ideal for strengthening the hair, with its unique protein technology nourishing, hydrating and repairing every hair strand from root to tip.

Jazz Salon Designer Danielle Morris says;

If you are planning a colour change, chat to your stylist about booking in for an Keratin Ultimate Smoothing Treatment a week or two before your colour appointment. This way you will know that your hair is in the best possible health before applying bleach or colour, creating the perfect foundation for the best colour results.


The products you choose to use at home after a colour service will make a big difference to the health of your hair and also how long you keep your colour in its original vibrant state.

All the products we recommend in the salon are designed to repair, strengthen and protect all hair types, including hair that has recently been coloured.

Jazz Salon Director Tony Slotwiner says;

Here are some pointers that will help you make the right colour aftercare choices;

  • Opt for shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain abrasive sodium chloride, which will strip colour from your hair, leading to it fading much faster. Also, avoid other damaging ingredients such as sulphates and parabens. Kerastraight/Fabriq Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner are the ideal combinations following a colour service. Not only are they free of any nasty ingredients that will cause the colour to fade, they will also hydrate hair and, thanks to a unique blend of proteins and lightweight conditioners, leaving it soft, smooth and healthy.
  • Invest in a hair mask with moisturising properties. Following a colour service, hair is prone to dryness, so investing in a high-quality moisturising hair mask and making it a regular part of your hair regime will make all the difference to the condition of your hair post-colour. Protein and Moisture Masks contain an advanced blend of wheat proteins and moisture-capturing ingredients designed to combat rehydration and banish brittle hair.

For more information; talk to one of our colour technicians today on 01942671400