Hair Colour Disaster? In need of urgent advice? Don’t panic our expert hair colour specialists deal with these kind of hair colour problems each and every day

Hair Colour Disaster? In need of urgent advice? Don’t panic our expert hair colour specialists deal with these kind of hair colour problems each and every day

Your hair colour may have turned out a disaster but help is at hand!

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We have all been there, a fun home hair dye experiment gone horribly wrong. It is important to get expert help if your hair colour needs correction, especially if you have coloured your own hair at home.


Gabriela Zvonaric senior stylist at Jazz says, ‘the worst thing you can do is to search on You-Tube for  instant DIY hair colour remedies or go dashing down to the nearest chemist for a quick fix!!’

‘Re-colouring previously coloured hair or ‘Colour Correction’ as it is professionally known is not as simple as applying a new shade over the top. It is the hardest area for a hairdressing technician to master!!!’

A hair colour disaster can put a woman into a panic mode.

Whether its blonde hair turned orange, dark hair dyed purple or anything in between, a hair colour mistake is no laughing matter. When it comes to correcting a hair colour disaster, although this is stressful and upsetting, it’s essential you seek professional advice immediately.  If you have a hair colour disaster come and speak to the professionals,

If you are looking for a hair colour correction expert  speak to one of our specialists at Jazz Hairdressing in Leigh town centre. We have the experience and the skills to correct your hair colour giving you back your confidence, gorgeous hair colour and of course smile!

We will be sympathetic and sit down with you face to face and give you realistic advise on the next stage to correcting your hair colour problem.

Correcting Hair Colour Disasters

OH NO!!  the hair colour looked fabulous on the box, but on you it’s an entirely different story. Too vibrant, too dark, unflattering or perhaps it just isn’t the right colour you were expecting…

Help is on hand with one of our expert hair colour specialists, who will assess the tones and shades required to recreate a gorgeous overall hair colour and bring your hair back to its former glory, and beautiful condition.

After consultation with one of our team the areas of your hair that need colour correcting will be identified, giving you back wonderful hair colour results.

Changing your Hair Colour

If you want to change your hair colour or your hair colour has turned out too bright we can darken your hair colour with warmer shades of lowlights or if your hair is simply too dark we can lighten your hair colour by adding some highlights. We can assess your hair colour shade whatever the hair colour problem and one of our expert hair colour technicians can advise you on correcting your hair colour disaster!

If you want to change the colour of your hair, it is not as straight forward as applying a new shade over the top.

Fixing Hair Shade Problems

This can be as simple as dealing with highlights that are too yellow or orange.


Depending on whether your hair has been lightened by the sun, or there is a build-up of hair colourants there will be root re growth in your hairs natural colour.

If your hair has become too dry and brittle from over processing or your blonde hair is tinged with green, we aim to repair bleach damaged hair restoring some of the moisture that has been removed to help you get your gorgeous locks back into shape.

Don’t panic our expert hair colour specialists deal with these kind of hair colour problems each and every day, we have the hair colour experience and skills to correct your hair colour disaster.


Tony Slotwiner Salon Director says, ‘one of our professional friendly team will be honest with you and advise you on the best course of action whatever your hair colour problem.’

Hair Colour Correction Appointment

Obviously this type of service take can take considerately more time than a conventional hair colour service so please speak to one of our experts before booking your appointment.

Call NOW on 01942671400 or visit the salon on Brashawgate Leigh Lancashire WN7 4NQ.