*Don’t have a bad hair day – Police Christmas Warning- over counterfeit straighteners. *

*Don’t have a bad hair day – Police Christmas Warning- over counterfeit straighteners. *

Watch out for fake ghd hair straighteners being promoted on Ebay & Google.These fake products are being sold for around £60 to £80 and the websites often boast of large discounts.

The scammers behind these illegal websites will often use genuine looking domain names and official ghd graphics and logos to try and trick you.fake ghd border police 01-10-14 scam 01-10-14

However, if the price is too good to be true then you are almost certainly buying a counterfeit product that is not made by GHD, not safety tested, and may pose a significant risk to you and your home. We would strongly recommend that you only buy from genuine retailers.

City Council consumer watchdogs are warning last minute shoppers not to get their fingers burnt by buying dangerous fake designer hair straightening irons.
The look-alike irons being sold on the internet on sites such as Ebay and around in and around cities. Counterfeit versions of the  top-rated traditional black GHD brand’s irons and all the limited edition’s  are also known to have been counterfeited. The genuine articles are on sale for £100 to £140, but the counterfeit ones are being offered from anywhere between £60 and £100.

ghd also cautions consumers about the diverted irons that have recently been found at unauthorized locations online and in-store. ghd prohibits this illegal method of obtaining brand irons and selling them, usually at a discounted rate, at unauthorized locations. Low pricing is an indication that the iron may be a counterfeit or a diverted iron and the company advises consumers not to purchase these items as they do not meet the GHD health and safety standards, are illegal, and the irons could potentially be harmful as they have not gone through the company’s strict safety measures. Additionally, GHD does not offer any warranties on irons that have been purchased through unauthorized ghd retailers and does not replace counterfeit or diverted irons.

GHD is taking action against the counterfeiters and diverters, working with its lawyers to shut down counterfeit operations. GHD head office state, “GHD will stop at nothing to protect the GHD brand, the professional beauty industry and the consumers from counterfeiters and diverters, and we will bring them to justice.”

“The straighteners come in packaging that looks genuine and there is no reason to believe that the goods are not authentic when looked over by a consumer.”

“Consumers are advised if they are purchasing GHD straighteners to look for the hologram around the plug. This contains the number that you should quote when calling GHD to register the product. The initial response given when calling the company is a good indication as to the authenticity of the item.”

However to be certain you are not putting your pocket or most importantly your safety or your families safety at risk chose an Official GHD Stockist.

Jazz Hairdressing is not only an Official Stockist but we have recently become a ‘GHD Destination Salon’.

ghd Curve_FB_524x5244

This means that out of 8,000 salons selling GHD’s only 500 have been selected by the company  because they have demonstrated to the company their commitment to the brand and consumers are able to view and select from the entire range of irons, hairdryers and wands and tongs.

We stock the entire range of GHD stylers from;

  • The ‘Core’ range of Mini, Max, Classic and the Mark IV to the ‘limited edition’ stylers and the amazing Eclipse styler with the patented tri-zone technology® . All with a 2 year warranty
  • The fabulous hairdryers both the @Air’ and the NEW ‘AURA’. Both with a 1 year warranty
  • The amazing new ‘Curve’ range of tongs and wands with the patented tri-zone technology® . All with a 2 year warranty
  • Styling products

Christmas limited Edtions;

The gorgeous ‘Rose Collection’ which comes in the Deluxe  and the Standard version.

Seen below is the beautiful Rose coloured Mark V Classic Styler which comes with a heated resistant bag. RRP £130 with a 2 years warranty


ghd rose gold styler set box openrt


  • a ghd V professional styler with rose gold accents
  • and co-ordinating rose gold bag which doubles up as a heat resistant mat.
  • Smooth plates make straightening all hair types and lengths quick and easy, while contoured edges help to create perfect curls and waves.
  • A protective plate, two sectioning clips, automatic sleep mode and universal voltage make this the perfect
    go-to styler gift set.
  • RRP £130 with a 2 years warranty

Also available is;

The deluxe (seen below) which includes the fabulous Air hairdryer and Rose coloured styler. RRP £195.00 with a 2 year warranty,  this represents a saving of £34 if bought seperately.

ghd deluxe box open


  • A complete Christmas gift set, featuring the ghd rose gold styler and matching rose gold air.
  • With a rose gold finish the professional ghd V gold classic styler features smooth black plates with ceramic heaters that glide effortlessly through the hair, making styling quicker and easier regardless of hair type or length.
  • Contoured edges help to create party-perfect curls and waves with a high-shine finish.
  • A protective plate guard, automatic sleep mode and universal voltage make this the perfect go-to styler.

This deluxe set also contains a matching rose gold ghd air® professional hairdryer, finished with rose gold accents. The perfect fusion of ghd design and salon power, delivering exceptionally fast drying with effortless control. Advanced ionic technology reduces frizz and a super-powerful motor reduces drying time. RRP £195.00 with a 2 year warranty,  this represents a saving of £34 if bought seperately.

**********These have become a national phenomenon********
We love them!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The amazing range of ghd wands and tongs. Available @ Jazz hairdressing bradshawgate leigh 01942671400 RRP £110 Limited stock available!

ghd curve 17-11-14

2 x Wands..The Creative Curl wand and The Classic Wave Wand.

2 x Tongs..The 32mm Soft Curl Tong and The Curve Classic Curl Tong




ghd curve 2 17-11-14



For more information of our current stock please call the salon on 01942 671400.