Personal message from our Salon Director Tony;

First of all, a huge thanks to all of of our loyal clients who have supported us these last few weeks after reopening.

The response by you all has been overwhelming and we have literally been ‘swamped’ but we have also been delighted to welcome you all once again.

We totally appreciated and understood that you all had been very patient and were ‘biting at the bit’ and desperate to come and see us.

We asked you all to please bear with us as we had never had to organise a process like that before and be ready in such a short time frame.

We promised to do our very best to facilitate you all as soon as was practically possible and we worked extra days and longer hours to ensure this happened.

The last twelve months have been one of the most challenging and emotionally draining in my career. There has been many times when my business partner Gary and myself have seriously questioned whether we would have the strength or resilience to unlock and start to rebuild our business again.

What has got us through this period is the knowledge that over the near 40 years we have been trading, our clients have not only been our guests but, in many cases, have become our friends.

The other huge driver for us reopening has been our concern and welfare to try and secure employment for our team.
I am sure you agree that over the many years that most of you have been coming all of the colleagues and co-workers we have employed in that time have proved themselves to both you our customers and to us the employers.

So, with that in mind we picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down and looked for the positives and prayed thanks that our families and loved ones continued to remain safe and well.
And like the tens of thousands of other business owners up and down the country we got ready to welcome you back as our guests once more!

Thank you once again.

For those of you who have not visited us before or who have not returned to the salon since we have reopened below we have outlined the new protocols and practises we are following to ensure your safety and ours are prioritised.

Tony x

Planned changes you can expect and some of the instructions that must be observed to comply with government guidelines when you visit us.

Covid is still prevalent in the country.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of yourselves, ourselves and indeed the communities with which we all live in, first and foremost.

These policies are constantly under review and changes will be made in line with government guidelines and instructions.

However, we hope the policies, systems and processes that we are implanting will still ensure your visit, the service and care you will receive from us will still be as relaxing and enjoyable as it has always been.

Implementing safety measures following our Covid Risk Assessment.

The following is some of the changes and rules that will be implanted by us;

  • All staff will wear Perspex face shield visors.
  • All staff will wear face masks.
  • All clients must wear a personal face mask when they arrive at the salon and wear it at all times when they are in the salon. Clients may choose to bring their own. We can also provide one to you at the same cost to us of 60p. Please note unlike most salons our salon is fully air conditioned so please do not worry about feeling overly warm in the salon when wearing a mask.
  • Our air conditioning system will receive its bi-annual service to be Covid compliant before we reopened.
  • Disposable single use gowns will be used in place of normal cotton gowns.
  • Disposable bio gradable single use towels will be used in place of normal salon towels.
  • Disposable single use aprons will be used for each colouring client.
  • We are required to keep a temporary record of clients for the governments Track and Trace Program.
  • Hand sanitizers will be in place on the coffee table and reception desk on arrival and clients must use them when they enter the salon.
  • We will put in place amendments to our existing appointment schedule and we will extend the time we allow for certain appointment treatments to give us time to sanitise our workstations in between appointments and reduce the congestion in the salon.
  • As per the previous point the additional time will give us time to re-clean and sanitize the workstation areas and to sanitize the brushes and scissors etc. Staff will also wash their hands as per the guidelines in between appointments.
  • To maintain a safe working distance between clients a policy of using every other workstation will be implemented. The same will apply at the backwash area.
  • Clients will be encouraged and are asked to only attend appointments on their own to reduce congestion in the salon.
  • Clients must make an appointment if they are required by us to have an allergy test prior to certain colour services. We will advise you accordingly.
  • Clients must make an appointment to have a consultation if you require one.
  • With this in mind, we regret that we must suspend our complimentary fringe trim service until further notice.
  • Appointments for consultations or allergy testing will be done by appointment. These will be available first thing in the morning between 10.00am and 10.30am or last thing at night between 5.30pm and 6.00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, on Thursday between 7.30pm to 8.00pm and on Saturdays between 9.00am and 5.00pm. This is to avoid congestion.
  • Clients will be encouraged to arrive on time to avoid congestion.
  • All clients will be identified and be informed about allergy testing. I am afraid no allergy testing…no appointment.
  • The guidelines state that salons are not allowed to offer magazines until further notice.
  • The guidelines state that salons are not allowed to allow food or drink to be consumed in the salon. The only exception is that clients can bring their own water in their own container or bottle.
  • Clients are asked to sanitise their hands before touching any retail products. Hand santisers will be available in the retail area.

Please note; there has been a need to provide PPE for the safety of our clients. We are not financially capable of sustaining and absorbing this cost.

We have worked hard to source quality medical grade PPE at sensible prices. Some of the costs that have been quoted to us have been eye watering.

Therefore, there will be an additional cost of approximately £1 which we will have to add to your bill to cover this cost. The only addition to this is if you require us to provide you with a face mask as explained earlier.

These are the main areas which you will see a difference. I do apologise if this seems all very officious. However, these are the guidelines imposed on us and I am sure we all agree they are for the benefit of us all.

If you have any questions regarding the above please call us on 01942671400